Heineken | The Cities Project: +POOL 360°


With creative by NTROPIC NY, and with Tactic consulting as the VR/360° team for this piece, this 360° animation of the +POOL aims to show the concept of the world’s first water-filtering, floating swimming pool. Located in New York City’s East River, the +POOL's three-layer filter cleans the river water which creates a pool for everyone to enjoy.  With the iconic New York City skyline as its backdrop, the +POOL will be unlike anything New York has ever seen. But it won’t be exclusive to the privileged few, instead the +POOL aims to be the largest public pool ever built in New York City.  Ntropic NY helped Heineken and the Cities Project to produce a video extolling the virtues of this civic attraction, and Tactic was proud to have contributed to the process as part of the VR 360° team in the production of this 360° experience used during the +POOL promotional and fundraising events.  Now +POOL needs your help to make their dream a reality. To learn more, and be a part of this amazing project, go to www.swimintheriver.com.